Season ticket holders are one of the most important revenue sources for teams and venues. Data shows us the majority of revenue comes from a minority of fans. These super fans are most likely to purchase additional products and services IF they know they are available.

The key is making the right offers at the right time. With the FanReach deep integration to tools like Satisfi, we are able to use data and analytics to understand the intention of the season ticket holder and use the insights to build smarter marketing campaigns.

Is there a parking package I can buy? 

What kind of hospitality suites are available for my company? 

Are there special deals on food and beverage for me?

When the season ticket holder asks these questions they are captured and answered by an AI assistants. We now know the season ticket holders’ buying intentions and that information is sent to the FanReach’s data warehouse where the data is then sorted and fed to an automated marketing campaign targeting the dynamic audience segment with relevant offers based on their intention. For instance, if an individual asks ”what kind of hospitality suites are available?” the FanReach data warehouse would be triggered to move the individual into the “hospitality” audience segment and the pre-built automated hospitality suite campaign would begin to target the fan with in-app messages, push-notifications and marketing CTA’s encouraging buying behaviors. 

The result is a high rate of conversion. Because when an offer matches the buyers intent we have a sale. We can take this strategy to other types of fans to upsell them to other products and services and drive them to even become a new season ticket holder!