FanReach and Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation join forces in a multi-year partnership to create cutting-edge team apps for unparalleled fan experiences.

FanReach, the industry-leading mobile app development company, proudly announces its landmark collaboration with the renowned Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC). In a groundbreaking multi-year agreement, FanReach will undertake the development of multiple team apps that promise to redefine fan engagement and interaction with their favorite sports teams.

This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone for both FanReach and CSEC as they come together to elevate the fan experience across various sports franchises under the CSEC umbrella. The new team apps will cater to an array of sports enthusiasts, from hockey, football, and lacrosse, providing fans with a comprehensive platform to access exclusive content, real-time updates, and an interactive community of fellow supporters.

Stay tuned for more updates and the official release dates of the team apps, which are expected to launch in the upcoming sports season. With this unparalleled fusion of cutting-edge technology and sporting excellence, FanReach and CSEC are poised to transform the landscape of fan engagement, setting new standards for the sports industry.


With a deep-seated 15-year history in sports mobile application development and rooted in customer service, FanReach is dedicated to the success of its partners by delivering an enterprise-class mobile sports platform that brings to life the most advanced audience segmentation, business intelligence, and personalization technology to acquire, engage and monetize fans.

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