Reimagining Sports & Live Event Marketing With FanReach

FanReach is an enterprise mobile application platform that complements martech tools by allowing you to acquire first-party customer data in a narrowing privacy world.

  • FanReach delivers your D2C mobile app featuring content and utilities
  • Enables you to personalize and attribute your marketing efforts
  • Increases your ability to acquire, engage, and monetize your fans
  • Is the most important method by which you can 1:1 directly message to your fans

The Evolution of Mobile Applications in Brand Engagement

In the past, mobile applications were often seen as a luxury addition for brands. They primarily served as a channel for basic content delivery and fostering brand loyalty. They were the “nice-to-have” tools for entertainment and engagement, but they were not considered essential.

Fast forward to today, and the landscape has dramatically shifted. Mobile applications have become the cornerstone of brand engagement, acting as the primary utility that connects fans and customers to brands. These applications have transcended their original roles, now offering critical functionalities vital to a business’s operations, including ticketing, commerce, direct communication, loyalty programs, access control, and much more. In this era, having a robust, scalable, and reliable mobile application is not just an option it’s a necessity for giving purpose and value to your fans.

Considering that the average smartphone user spends over four hours per day on their device, predominantly using mobile apps, the importance of a strong mobile presence is undeniable.

Introducing FanReach: Beyond a Mobile App Provider

FanReach stands out in the crowded market of mobile app providers by being more than just an app development platform. It is a comprehensive marketing technology tool designed to enhance and enable both your existing and future technology stack.

Unlike other platforms that may require you to overhaul your beloved (or not-so-beloved) marketing tools, CRM, CDP, databases, etc., FanReach integrates seamlessly, opening new avenues to engage with your fans more effectively. Our platform acts as a central hub in your marketing technology stack, enhancing its capabilities. We collaborate with your existing partners, tools, and applications to identify your fans, collect rich user data and attributes, aggregate user activity, and create targeted audiences. This wealth of information can then be leveraged to personalize communication and improve the end-user experience within your brand’s mobile app.

FanReach is dedicated to democratizing data, offering a unique position in your martech stack that amplifies its overall functionality. Our goal is to help you gather, unify, and act on your data with precision, making FanReach an invaluable platform for those looking to deepen their engagement with fans through personalized, data-driven interactions.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Brand’s Mobile Experience?

If FanReach has caught your interest, we’re eager to start a conversation. Whether you’re an existing client or new to our platform, let’s discuss how we can transform your mobile app into a powerful tool for fan engagement, retention and business growth.

About FanReach
With over 15 years of crafting fan experiences across various leagues and platforms, FanReach’s platform engages fans via Apps, Web, and CTV, delivering enterprise-class stability and advanced audience segmentation, business intelligence, and personalization technology to acquire, engage, and monetize fans. Learn more about FanReach and its multi-platform solution at
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