Sports teams and venue operators know that everything they do to prepare for fans must deliver on all-important event days. In this video, our President talks about the FanReach customer support team’s decade-long experience in tackling game day challenges. Our deep experience is a key factor leading to satisfaction for our mobile app platform customers. We know you depend on us to help score the perfect game day for your fans.


Gabe Smallman, FanReach:

How does fan reach handle game day challenges? The core of our system, the UI flexibility and asynchronous stuff, we have a marketing card system that can be intelligently targeted based on a bunch of parameters. It’s basically a toolkit to solve the inevitable problem, which is some vendor might be having an outage, the league might be having an outage, the CMS might be having a hiccup, there’s a 100 moving parts that all have to go perfectly. And when they don’t, then it’s about how do you solve this problem? An example of a game day problem is – something might occur with a ticketing provider and they’re having a particular outage. So we’re on the phone with them working through options on how to route customers to an alternate ticketing flow, in real time, to get people in the venue. And so it’s problem solving under stress during game day. It’s a matter of – who do you trust to do that for you? The reality is that the people on our side who are doing that support have been in sports, everyone has been in sports, over a decade. They’re used to “okay we understand the parameters of an event and the timing and the challenges of when the gates open” and things like that to come with a solution for Game Day.