NFL football’s Indianapolis Colts wanted to make sure fans had a great game day experience. They didn’t let COVID prevent them from getting creative in solving crazy new challenges. Hear from Daron Williams, Digital Communications Manager, on how their mobile app, using the FanReach platform, is a vital part of their successful efforts.


Daron Williams, Indianapolis Colts:

Since COVID it’s been really important for us to make sure that fans still feel like they’re part of the Colts. That they get a good game day experience, whether they are at the stadium with the limited capacity, we had or if they’re at home in Indianapolis, or if they’re fans who have never come to a game who are all around the world. We want to make sure we provide a good game day experience to all those fans. And the mobile app has been a big part of that. It’s our best way of communicating with our season ticket members, and our just single-game ticket buyers who do come to the game, so they know if the roof’s open, where to get their mobile tickets, where they can go in stadium for food and drinks. We’re able to communicate directly with our suite holders and club seat members for some mobile Pro Shop ordering. And then for fans who can’t go to the game, we’ve been able to live stream our games this season through the mobile app. Within that Game Center, there’s stats and scoring information, everything a fan needs to know about the game, is going to be right at your fingertips. We would send out a push at the two-minute warning of the game, so at halftime, everyone, if you’re in stadium or you’re at home, you can open up that game on the mobile app and participate. It was like a catch game you’d throw footballs. It was our best way of bringing all the Colts fandom together on game day.