FanReach partnered with Mercedes-Benz Stadium vendor ParkMobile to vastly improve football and soccer fans’ game-day experience by making it easy to book and pay for parking within the stadium’s mobile app. Now fans have event tickets, driving directions, and a reserved parking space, all together in one app. With smart partner integrations like these, it makes large venue experiences fun for everyone!


JEFF PERKINS, Parkmobile:

ParkMobile works with Mercedes-Benz Stadium which is the home of the Atlanta Falcons NFL and the Atlanta United soccer team. We help them with their parking program. Whenever there’s a game at the stadium 70-80,000 people all converge on downtown Atlanta all at once. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium team really wanted to make sure they’re doing everything they can to make that experience good, and everyone knows that parking is always a challenge. When you’re going to any kind of big event you have tons of people going to the same place at the same time. What the team decided to do was said, “Hey, let’s really encourage all the people coming to the games to book their parking ahead of time.” We formed the partnership with FanReach because FanReach does the mobile app for Mercedes-Benz Stadium. We do the parking. So it made a lot of sense for our parking experience to actually live within the FanReach app. What we did is serve up all the parking options around the stadium and let people book in advance. The impact there is that you know exactly where you’re parking. You drive right to the lot so you’re not just circling the block creating lots of congestion and traffic. You drive right to the lot where you have a guaranteed spot waiting for you. You pull out your pass, and you get your spot in that garage. So now fans are able to just have that one app that they can use, and they can use one username and password and it gets you all the information you need – your tickets, your parking pass, everything to make your experience really good.