Daron Williams, the Indianapolis Colts manager of digital communications, explains how their mobile app, on the FanReach platform, goes far above and beyond basic support to help their organization keep on track with evolving business opportunities and new technologies.


Daron Williams, Digital Communications Manager:

In the beginning of our relationship, it was definitely just, “Hey, we need someone to respond to our issues quickly.” FanReach did that, and then over the years, we’ve grown with the app day-to-day. There have been no issues so it’s become more of a “Hey come to us with ideas” relationship. They tell us about what their new products are – what they’re going to come out with – so we can be prepared for that and take advantage of the new enhancements they’re making to the app platform. We don’t have to worry about app crashes or customer issues. Instead, they tell us, “Here’s what is in the future, and here’s what you’re going to be able to do.” So it’s definitely more looking forward and enhancing the user experience, and make things easier on our end, to get everything tied in with the website. Roster and injury updates are all tied together, so we’re not having to update things in three different areas. It’s all really nicely put together for us and makes our day-to-day work a lot simpler.