Adept Mobile, the longtime industry leader in sports technology, is pleased to announce its official rebranding as FanReach. The name change reflects the company’s enduring commitment to providing best-in-class sports app solutions for both clients and users.

FanReach’s experience in sports technology development spans decades, and the company has been integral in creating first-to-market sports apps for teams, stadiums, and leagues. FanReach clients are some of the most recognizable entities in the sports industry, including the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLS.

“Our ability to pragmatically evolve our platform—which provides value for every division in a sports organization, but also creates meaningful connections with sports fans—has always been what sets us apart,” said Gabriel Smallman, President and Founder of FanReach. “We wanted our name to more clearly reflect that singular focus.”

The FanReach platform strategically integrates proven technology from deeply-vetted partners with core content delivery systems, creating a robust, seamless app experience for fans. This approach has allowed the company to ensure continual deployment of the best available technology.

“Because we partner with specialized providers, our customers benefit from the most advanced sports technology available,” said Ryan Pederson, Vice President of Client Services & Marketing for FanReach. “This lets us commit our resources to tying everything together in an elegant, sophisticated manner, while adding a level of hands-on support that our clients appreciate.”

About FanReach
For over a decade, FanReach has distinguished itself as the premier mobile app platform for sports teams, leagues, and venues. Our innovative, collaborative technology solutions provide a robust, engaging user experience for fans, and optimal value for our roster of world-renowned sports industry clients, including the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLS.