Former NFL players and current sports technology experts Kenyon Rasheed and Brian Jones, chat with host Christy King, former UFC VP of Tech R&D, about how mobile app technology will provide sports teams with new ways of operating and growing revenue.



The hardest thing to do is for a company especially, a technology company, to come in have a piece of software or a piece of the business model that doesn’t necessarily fit the other pieces. This is why we live in a fragmented business model around sports business right now. What COVID has done however is changed that narrative because as teams and venues look to go cashless, which five years ago we were out telling teams they needed to go cashless because that device is your new point of sale. That device is your new ticket. That device is your new parking validation. Then who are the companies that are building that architecture within the mobile app for you? Because if it’s not built right it doesn’t work together. And if you want to create experiences, personalized experiences, that app becomes your check-in device. And so what was not married up was marketing strategies that came from CMOs, and sponsorships, and Chief Revenue Officers, married with digital activations, right and so we’ve had digital content. But we really haven’t had digital activations that lead consumers and fans to an end goal. So take me through my journey when I first buy a ticket. I’m buying that ticket, and it’s loaded in my mobile wallet on my phone… that becomes my whole journey through that whole venue or that game day experience. So I felt it was important to collaborate with FanReach who is building those platforms, having conversations with the digital teams. FanReach has the ability to bring the best of breed together in a way that leads to these objectives that the teams are actually looking for.