The Vancouver Canucks hockey team has released a major upgrade to their fan experience mobile application. It is the latest in a series of significant improvements and new features for hockey fans, developed in partnership with FanReach. 

“This is a truly top-of-the-line mobile experience for our fans.” Kevin Kinghorn, Vice President of Marketing for the Vancouver Canucks went on to say, “When we provide a great set of features that provide fans multiple opportunities to engage with our brand, our sponsors are equally happy to support us. Our updated mobile app provides cool new games, video, live audio, and the opportunity for some new, exciting features we will unveil in the coming weeks. We’re excited to show our fans the latest improvements we have made.” 

Gabriel Smallman, President of FanReach, is impressed with the Canucks organization’s grasp of the power that a mobile app can have on all aspects of the business. “We helped the Canucks integrate powerful business analytics tools and gamification to be able to take real-time action on things that will make fans’ experiences better every day – not just game day. Like a lot of our clients, the Canucks team is constantly aware of what fans are looking for and uses all the tools at their disposal to make sure fans, and sponsors, love their Canucks!”  

Key technology improvements to the Canucks mobile app provide easy-to-use tools that let fans:

  • Follow Canuck’s games with a live audio stream in the background while they check stats or follow the game via their favorite sports fantasy app.
  • Everywhere the action is on the app – now sponsorships opportunities are integrated.
  • Targeted and personalized marketing elements that help the team highlight new fan features.
  • An updated user interface featuring clean lines and accessibility enhancements following Apple and Google UI guidelines. 
  • Unlocked the ability for the Canucks organization to sell excess advertising inventory through the FanReach programmatic partner system creating an additional revenue channel.
  • The integration of a deep, event-based data scheme that tracks user characteristics for business analysis, and creates cohorts for multichannel campaigning.

To experience the new Vancouver Canucks mobile application, download it for iPhones HERE, or Android devices HERE

To learn more about how FanReach can elevate your fan mobile experience using the FanReach platform, please reach out to Kenyon Rasheed,

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