BOSTON, MA (May 5, 2022) – Leveraging advanced data and analytics to understand behavior, predict and influence fans behavior is at the core of Fanreach ‘s new next generation enterprise-class mobile sports platform. With the industry responding to the need for greater personalization, more powerful marketing tools, and blending these critical tools across digital platforms, FanReach is actualizing the data and offering a solution to monetize the direct-to-consumer relationship.  

The company’s new platform with its best-in-class marketing tools including dynamic and predictive audience segmentation, multi variant messaging and personalization provide the foundation for sports organizations to execute on a modern data driven strategy to drive fan behavior. With the ability to have real-time data about fans – from where, how, and when they are interacting with the platform –  sports organizations will have the analytics and support from FanReach needed to create targeted marketing campaigns to influence fan behavior for better conversions and ultimately increased revenue. 

“For years we saw the market slowly evolving, then covid accelerated everything. Overnight the need for enterprise tools to capitalize on clients direct–to-consumer relationships become mission critical. Our latest multi-platform product is built atop planet scale audience segmentation and personalization that snap in and augment client data ecosystems.

Clients’ digital platforms became revenue centers, lead generators, venue enhancers and sponsorship delivery systems, in short a critical part of a clients digital strategy,” explains Gabriel Smallman, FanReach CEO.

FanReach extends its enterprise-class platform with a single contact ecosystem backed by leading industry partners and features key applications – contactless commerce, gamification, OTT, subscriptions and more – all designed to help acquire, engage and monetize fans while working together with the marketing and single source of analytics.

John McCauley, Vice President of Marketing and Media at the Canadian Hockey League, saw the opportunity to drive business results through data. The CHL, who has been a client of FanReach for more than three years, was one of the first to adopt the philosophy that drove improvements to FanReach’s enterprise-platform. 

 “The CHL needed a solution that could provide a multi-channel, unified experience that gave us the best chance to create a quality fan experience for multiple personas, increase revenue through sponsorship and set the stage for improved subscription capabilities.

 We selected FanReach because it gave us the ability to grow and improve our marketing tools that will allow us to run advanced segmentation and market to predictive audiences as we become more sophisticated in the digital space. It is the key to our data collection strategy as a league.”

14 Years ago FanReach was first to market with a NFL team app. With the latest solution, they are the only true enterprise-class mobile sports platform that combines the most powerful data tools with the most stable and compliant application.

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Headquartered in Boston, MA, FanReach has been supporting sports organizations for more than 14 years with sports mobile application development. Rooted in customer service, FanReach is dedicated to the success of its partners by delivering an enterprise-class mobile sports platform that brings to life the most advanced audience segmentation, business intelligence and personalization technology to acquire, engage and monetize fans.


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