FanReach partner Fannex explains how even the smallest percentage increases in fan engagement can mean big improvements to a sports teams’ bottom line, and that’s why it is so important to make sure your team’s mobile app has the flexibility and power to provide fans with interactive activities.



I have been doing a little more research lately on the market and what’s happening next. My team tends to like to look at the PWC Outlook that comes out every year. They’ve also released their survey very recently from industry leaders and honestly the number one and two most important things from a revenue standpoint for them. Number one I think was the increasing interactive engagement with an audience and how that would significantly raise your audience from 2.5% interacting with you to say 4.5% would basically take your revenues 2.5 times higher. If teams increase the commercialization of existing digital content to say 60% from what it is now, which is typically I think it’s around 10% of digital content that teams are serving up, is actually monetized. But once they’re getting up to 60% that’s gonna be four times the amount of revenue that they’re going to earn as teams. That tells you everything right? That tells you that what we’re doing with FanReach and Fannex you know helping the teams to cultivate interaction with an audience is a win. When you’re giving fans something fun to do, that’s competitive, that kind of adds to the entertainment, and everybody wins.