Zappar CEO Caspar Thykier explains how their sports mobile app partnership with FanReach helps to improve the sports business opportunities for sponsors and teams. By making AR technology so accessible, we give easy access to the cool augmented reality opportunities Zappar provides. The sky is the limit for the sponsorship and fan engagement experiences sports teams can conjure up!



The thing that is so important about AR is that it just has to work. No one cares about the technology [that makes it work]. You know it’s a bit like talking about how a lightbulb goes on. It’s not interesting. You just want it to light up the room. I think it’s the same with augmented reality. That’s why it is such an important relationship with FanReach cause we’ve done that. We both understand how that works. Therefore what we can focus on is – what is the end-user experience? I think the real trick when it comes to delivering value in and around sports for augmented reality is where we’re working really closely in collaboration with an individual within a sports franchise who is really leading the charge, but alongside FanReach, because of their understanding of how to make these rich fan experiences. Natively and integrating our technology within [the FanReach platform], and then being able to take that to a sponsor or a partner and really show them the value of using this [augmented reality] camera capability within that channel, and what that can do in terms of delivering really high levels of engagement, that is of benefit to everyone.