Fannex president and founder Kemal Leslie explains how his team and FanReach worked together to create an interactive game for in-stadium fans to play during referee delays during Minnesota Vikings games. The Vikings’ mobile app game had high engagement making a happy sponsor.



What we did there is they had a sponsor called Quick Trip and they wanted to run a live trivia game with fans during the intermission. Fans are invited to come into the FanReach application, of course the Vikings app, and then come in to check in to their seat at the location, or at the venue, and then and then be invited to play live during like a whistle. Fannex and FanReach would bring thousands of people on the app in a very short period of time all playing against each other. Everybody that got it right got an instant prize. Everybody that didn’t get it right got a concession offer that made sure nobody walked away empty-handed. But certainly, you do better when you get it right! That type of thing makes it fun for fans, and more engaging during a stoppage of play, so that is what we did with the Vikings and FanReach.