Zappar’s camera technologies in the FanReach mobile platform provide sports teams with ways to make incredibly creative and exciting activities for their fans. Augmented reality inspires huge engagement, and that means sponsors will love to support these immersive experiences — whether fans participate at home, in-venue, or out in the world.



The benefit of augmented reality to our partners is delivering a “camera capability” really for any business as a customer engagement channel. And really help brands think about building a new owned-media opportunity in the world around us. That’s about how we look at – within a sporting context – about how we do fan engagement when people are at home on their couch, or whether they’re in the stadium and looking at the game day program, or doing activations on cups, or whatever it might be. And really, for the end-user that translates into a kind of more immersive and engaging content experiences that use, what we describe as, sort of “spatial storytelling.” It’s using that space between your phone and the real world to make these sort of bite-size experiences come to life.