VIDEO: Modern Solutions for Modern Fans with ParkMobile

FanReach partnered with Mercedes-Benz Stadium vendor ParkMobile to vastly improve football and soccer fans' game-day experience by making it easy to book and pay for parking within the stadium's mobile app. Now fans have event tickets, driving directions, and a reserved parking space, all together in one app. With smart partner integrations like these, it makes large venue experiences fun for everyone! VIDEO TRANSCRIPT JEFF PERKINS, Parkmobile: ParkMobile works with Mercedes-Benz Stadium which is the...

Media Organizations Future?

Will brands become their own media organizations as they leverage the funnel to a personalized and targeted app experience? This article explores if a brand really owns an audience. Through data and personalized experiences, brands can bring the audience closer and create more revenue opportunities over time. Websites and social can be visualized as the broad part of a funnel, and the funnel ends with an app which has the highest recurring engagement rates.